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eCommerce suffers from Hyper-Competition. RADAR beats Hyper-Competition with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

RADAR is eCommerce Optimization software. RADAR generates millions of customer behavior profiles to uncover competitive dynamics. Market Simulation predicts how customers will react to change.

RADAR optimizes Price, Products, Inventory, Cost, Assortment, Revenue, Market Share, and Profitability.

Radar Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

RADAR = Big Data + Artificial Intelligence

RADAR shows not just what is happening in the market, but explains why it is happening.

Analyzing only the prices of matching products provides a misleading “two-dimensional” (2D) view of the market.

RADAR 3D Market Science

RADAR has next-generation science which takes a “three-dimensional” (3D) perspective.

The whole product line offered by competitors, as well as your same-store products which cannibalize sales, are all part of a product’s competitive environment. In addition, RADAR calculates the Willingness To Pay (WTP) of individual consumers in order to understand their preferences and brand loyalty.

Dynamic Demand Forecasting

RADAR calculates a full Demand Curve – not just the usual price sensitivity index. And because it calculates consumer Willingness To Pay (WTP) data, RADAR’s Demand Forecasting dynamically reacts to changes in the market. The RADAR Demand Curve factors in lost revenue due to internal cannibalization when forecasting demand and maximizing profitability.

Full Demand Curve

RADAR calculates a full Demand Curve which dynamically updates whenever market conditions change.

Profitability is maximized across the whole store – not just for the individual products.

RADAR calculates a full Demand Curve which dynamically updates whenever market conditions change.

Willingness To Pay (WTP)

The RADAR Demand Curve is based upon the calculated Willingness To Pay (WTP) of consumers.

Hence consumer behavior can be predicted whenever there is a change in the market.

The RADAR Demand Curve is based upon the calculated Willingness To Pay (WTP) of consumers

Price Sensitivity

The RADAR Hurricane Chart calculates the price sensitivity of each competitive product, as well as your best response to a competitive price change.

RADAR Hurricane Chart

Cannibalization vs. Competition

RADAR understands that internal cannibalization among same-store products destroys profitability as much as external competitors. Simple price matching is rarely optimal. Each competitive product will have a different level of impact on your sales, and competitive price changes must be handled with an individualized “best response”.

RADAR Feature List

Set Strategy

Your strategy is a moving target. Different product categories have different sales strategies. And corporate goals may change each month or each quarter.

RADAR provides the flexibility to adapt to any strategy. Maximize profit or revenue while maintaining sales volume. Or drive sales without regard to costs.

RADAR Strategy Selection

List of Radar Features

Price Optimization

RADAR recommends price changes that maximize profit while keeping your customers. RADAR eliminates same-store “cannibalization” by guiding your customers to the products best suited to them.

Conjont Analysis

Instant Conjoint Analysis is conducted directly on your existing Big Data. Understand which product attributes and customer sentiments drive purchase decisions. Surveys NOT required!

New Product Introduction

RADAR cross-references the instant Conjoint Analysis results against the competition. RADAR then identifies profitable opportunities to extend your product selection.

Assortment Optimization

RADAR helps you stock the right set of products. RADAR can determine how to keep your customers while reducing the range of products you need to offer.

Demand Management

RADAR forecasts demand and optimizes your inventory to minimize your working capital. RADAR can drive customers to buy the inventory that you have in stock.

What-if Analysis

RADAR can forecast the impact of a price change or a competitive action to your business. RADAR predicts how customers will change their behavior and calculates where customers will flow.

Keyword Map

RADAR builds a keyword map that brings customers to your products in the shortest path. RADAR accelerates the time it takes for customers to find your products.

Warning System

RADAR monitors your market and filters out just those changes that will hurt your sales. RADAR will then immediately warn you of any danger and recommend your best response.

RADAR Data Requirements

RADAR works on both private eCommerce platforms as well as open eCommerce marketplaces.

RADAR only needs the data your platform automatically collected over the last month – not several years of historic data as is usually required by outdated pricing science. You never need to conduct any price experiments to calculate price elasticity. But if you want to Optimize Profitability then RADAR does need to know your approximate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

RADAR’s next-generation science uses your data to provide a complete set of results that can be acted upon immediately.

Input Data …

badges-votes-08 Only 30 days of historical data needed

badges-votes-08 Product and Category list

badges-votes-08 Web Analytics anonymous logs

COGS for optimizing profitability (optional)

Competitor Prices (optional)

badges-votes-09 Customer Details never required

badges-votes-09 Price Experimentation never required

badges-votes-09 Customer Surveys never required

… Output Results

badges-votes-08 Price Optimization

badges-votes-08 Dynamic Demand Forecasting

badges-votes-08 Instant Conjoint Analysis

badges-votes-08 New Product Optimization

badges-votes-08 Product Assortment Optimization

badges-votes-08 Inventory Demand Management

badges-votes-08 Price Sensitivity & What-If Analysis

badges-votes-08 Best Competitive Response

RADAR Tools & Reports

The Pricing Professionals who use RADAR are provided with two tools. First, a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool for Revenue Management that provides dynamic selection, filtering, and drill-down capabilities. Second, a Microsoft Excel Plugin containing over 700 pricing functions and tens-of-thousands of data rows.

The Business Intelligence (BI) tool is designed to uncover market insights, while the Microsoft Excel Plugin allows the user to quickly build a price list that is optimized for the business strategy.

RADAR Business Intelligence Tool

Whole Category Perspective - Drilldown by Category, Brand, and Store
Shopper Consideration Awareness vs Conversion to Purchase Rate
Shopper Attribute Importance and Correlation to Purchase

Whole Category Perspective

Consideration vs Conversion Rate

Attribute Importance to Purchase

Product Assortment Optimization - Rank Products by their true contribution to Revenue and Profitability
Keyword Effectiveness - Identify under-valued Keywords that drive Customers to Purchase
Customer Journey - Follow the Customer from Brand Exploration to Product Purchase

Product Assortment Optimization

Keyword Effectiveness

Customer Journey

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